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Wednesday, August 24, 2022
TaDow - Cold IPA

Introducing TaDow, the latest Cold IPA from HeadFlyer Brewing. This IPA puts the focus on an alliterative blend of Strata, Simcoe, and Sabro hops. Strata plays the lead here providing sweet fruit blended complemented by the dank, tropical accents. The big, bold body finishes crisp and clean which represents the light and brite look inside the glass.

What is a Cold IPA?

Cold IPA is a new style that has been hitting the craft industry by storm. At HeadFlyer Brewing, we jumped right into brewing Cold IPAs as soon as we heard about this new style from the masterminds at Wayfinder Beer. We see Cold IPA as a style that allows us to brew higher ABV beers that put the flavor focus directly on the hops.

We craft our Cold IPAs with a clean malt bill that is light in color, but big enough to hit our ABV targets. We use our house lager yeast and ferment at warmer temperatures while avoiding sulfur or yeast-based flavor notes. We are creating a base that lets the hop combination stand out after all. We use a large amount of hops both in whirlpool and dry hop to bring out lots of hop flavor without a bitter finish. We then let them cold lager for an extended period to clarify before being ready to drink.

That Sounds a Lot Like an IPL

This is uttered frequently around the Cold IPA style as it shares many characteristics of an Imperial Pale Lager (IPL). Cold IPAs are designed with an IPA in mind, while IPLs focus on being a lager with hops added. Since Cold IPA is supposed to bring out the hops, we feel the new moniker is justified.

While Cold IPA follows the most recent IPA fad style, Brut IPA, we don't feel that this is a fad. I've joked that if Cold IPAs go out of favor, we'll keep brewing them and just calling them IPAs. As we add Cold IPA to our lineup alongside more bitter West Cost IPA offerings and the Hazy IPA juggernaut, we see a strong audience for these beers from very informed beer drinkers to those looking clean and approachable. Cold IPA is likely here to stay.

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